Beyond The Bedroom: Tips For Lingerie Shopping

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Beyond The Bedroom: Tips For Lingerie Shopping

17 January 2022
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The effect that lingerie can have on an individual is truly remarkable. For those who wear it or those who are lucky enough to admire it on a loved one, lingerie is truly a celebration of the body. With so many styles to choose from, you may seem a bit hesitant about where to start. The truth is, the journey to wearing lingerie is a fun one and easier than you think. Read on for a few tips to keep in mind when delving into the exciting world of lingerie. 

Get Inspired

Finding your style should never feel like a chore, so make it a journey of self-discovery. Consider what you are drawn to when it comes to lingerie. Those who love a romantic, traditional aesthetic may find that lace is the ideal fabric for their bodies. If you're looking for something a little more on the kinky side, consider leather. Supple and soft, leather used in lingerie can invoke a primal sense of fun. Those who like a more vintage look, on the other hand, can opt for a lingerie set that includes a garter belt. Paired with seamed stockings, this type of set will surely be a hit in the bedroom and can make for an elegant addition to your wardrobe. 

Body Matters

When shopping for lingerie, try not to fall into the common trap of making a purchase for your desired weight. Many will buy lingerie sets with their goal weight in mind and end up never wearing these items or forgetting they even have them after a while. Never feel ashamed of your size when shopping for such an intimate purchase. Remember that lingerie's purpose is to make you feel good, exactly as you are. Embrace those curves or love handles and find a set that feels comfortable enough to wear regularly. Keep in mind that if your lingerie is uncomfortable or too tight, you simply won't be able to relax and have a good time.

Wear it Daily

Just because lingerie can make those intimate moments even more special doesn't mean that it has to be confined to the bedroom. Try something new and wear your lingerie daily. Even underneath a t-shirt and jeans, lingerie can instantly make you feel more poised, confident, and sexier. Others may even begin to take notice of a certain glow you now exude, so keep the mystery going and have fun with it. Undressing in the bedroom may even take a lover by surprise, perhaps being impressed that this lingerie is your everyday go-to choice. As with any lingerie and for any occasion, the most important thing is to simply have fun in the skin you're in.  

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