Tips To Assist With Shopping For Dog-Themed Shirts

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Tips To Assist With Shopping For Dog-Themed Shirts

12 July 2021
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If you advocate for dogs in your community and participate in many fundraising events throughout the year, wearing dog-themed clothing may garner attention to your cause. Choose a shirt type and graphics that will be representative of your dedication to various canine breeds.

The Garment Type

A cotton, polyester, linen, or blended fabric will be suitable for the addition of graphics. Consider the time of the year that you will be attending fundraisers and the amount of time that will be spent outdoors. If your participation will involve being exposed to the weather during each season, wearing both a heavyweight fabric shirt that contains long sleeves and a lighter fabric that contains short sleeves may be preferred.

Graphic t shirts are designed with screenprinting, direct to garment print, heat press printing, and dye sublimation processes. Some processes, such as dye sublimation, may influence the type of fabric you choose for a design. Cotton isn't the best option for dye sublimation, due to the ineffective bonding of ink with this process and cotton products. A clothing company that sells custom graphic t shirts may provide guidance with choosing a fabric type and a printing process.

The Design

Pre-printed t shirts that are geared toward dog lovers may include a range of garments that contain humorous printing and graphics and garments that are more serious in nature and that represent a particular breed. You can use an online template to come up with a unique shirt style that is reflective of your style. If you utilize a dog mascot for your fundraising efforts, consider having a picture of the dog added to each shirt that you purchase.

If you use a non-profit or business name to advertise upcoming events that are being hosted in your community, this information can be printed on the front, the back, or the sleeves of each shirt that you purchase. Choose a fabric material that will not hinder one's ability to see the graphic design that you choose to have added to each garment. Light-colored fabrics will contrast well with dark or bright-colored printing and graphics. Darker-colored fabrics will complement lighter-colored printing and graphics.

If an online template will support your preference to view many shirt styles, colors, and graphic layouts, choose a dog-themed design and apply it to various shirts. If you are a pet owner and you would like to wear a shirt that coincides with outerwear that your dog tends to wear, purchase a dog-themed t-shirt that is similar. Many clothing retailers that sell canine-themed clothing market a line of shirts for both pet owners and pets.

For more information about dog-themed graphic t shirts, contact a local company, like I Love my Pet People.