3 Hallmarks Of A Well-Made T-Shirt

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3 Hallmarks Of A Well-Made T-Shirt

11 November 2020
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There aren't many pieces of clothing more versatile than a simple t-shirt. Made to be incredibly breathable, comfortable, and inexpensive, t-shirts are perfect for pairing with jeans or a simple skirt. However, not all t-shirts are created equally, which is why it pays to look at the details before you order anything. Here are three hallmarks of a well-made t-shirt. 

1. High-Quality Fabric 

Once you find that perfect fit or t-shirt design, you will want to wear that shirt for years. Unfortunately, if you don't find shirts made with high-quality fabrics, they may not last very long. Flimsy fabrics could fray apart or develop holes when they go through the washer, which is why it's important to look for fabrics designed to last. 

When shopping for t-shirts, keep in mind that the fabric should be tightly woven, regardless of whether you purchase 100% cotton shirts or a blend. Feel fabrics carefully before you buy any t-shirt, and look for signs of wear and tear from being handled in the store and tried on by other patrons. 

2. Comfortable Tags

Few things are worse than an uncomfortably itchy tag on a t-shirt you happen to be wearing. While it can be uncomfortable, many manufacturers make t-shirts that have printed tags instead of separate fabric tags to improve comfort. 

If you are looking for a comfortable top, look for printed tags, or versions not made from stiff fabric that could scratch your neck. Consider trying on the t-shirt while you are still in the store to ward off problems. 

3. Proper Stitching 

Carefully inspect t-shirts before you purchase them to check for stitching problems. Some shirts that are made in mass quantities may not have careful stitching, which can unravel later. Check the stitching on the sleeves and hem of the t-shirt to see if they are tight, true, and evenly spaced. If you see problems, consider looking for a different shirt so that you can avoid problems with the shirt literally coming unraveled at the seams. 

When you are ready to upgrade your t-shirts, take the time to inspect different styles and fabrics. Read what people say about the shirts, especially if the product isn't sold as part of a set. Check with the shop owners to see if they offer complimentary refunds, or if sales are final. Look for shirts that are high-quality, easy to return, and backed by a manufacturer's satisfaction guarantee. Contact a t-shirt company for more information about options such as USA made t-shirts.