3 Music Inspired Clothing Gifts To Give This Christmas

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3 Music Inspired Clothing Gifts To Give This Christmas

6 December 2019
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The holidays are here, which means that if you haven't already started with your holiday shopping then you need to get a move on. If you have a friend or family member in your life who is passionate about music, a fun gift idea is to give them something that they can wear such as a hoodie or T-shirt. 

1. Rasta Zip Up Hoodie

If you have a loved one that loves reggae music and artists like Bob Marley, then, give them a gift that they will wear with pride like a Rasta zip-up hoodie. Hoodies aren't just comfortable but when they are covered in something that they love; they are sure to be a big hit among your friend. The great thing about hoodies, too, is that they can be worn virtually all year round. For instance they can be layered with cold-weather clothing in the winter or they can be paired with shorts during the summertime. 

2. Rock and Roll T-Shirt

Another fun idea of a gift to give them is a rock and roll inspired T-shirt. Rock and roll t-shirts, in particular, are very versatile. For instance, your male friends can wear them with jeans whereas your female friends can wear them with just about anything; including skirts. Whether your loved one loves Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones, there's bound to be a band T-shirt out there that they can sport. The fun thing about band T-shirts, too, is that you can either get vintage ones from the '60s and '70s or you can get ones that look like replicas instead. 

2. T-Shirt With Lyrics on It

If your loved one is more about the lyrics in music than just about anything, then you may want to give them something like a T-shirt with lyrics on it. The fun thing about this is that you can have a T-shirt custom made with their favorite lyrics on it so that they will think about you every time that they wear it. Or if you don't have time you can find plenty of options of T-shirts with famous lyrics on them online. 

Gift-giving doesn't have to be difficult, but it doesn't have to be impersonal either. Keep these gifts in mind this year when you are trying to give your loved one something that's meaningful and that shows their true passion for music as well in one versatile gift.