Do You Have A Cowboy Lovin' Wife?

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Do You Have A Cowboy Lovin' Wife?

15 May 2019
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If you have a cowboy-loving wife, hopefully, that means you're a cowboy yourself, right? Maybe you and your sweetheart love things like rodeos. Perhaps your car radio is tuned to the country station. And, maybe your wife is all dressed up when she wears high heels and a fancy top with her favorite blue jeans.

If you have any special occasions coming up, you are probably planning a special gift and a memorable event to honor your wife. If you have taken care of the planning for that day, you don't need to read another sentence. However, if you are a bit stumped, here are some ideas that might help you.

Give Her Cowboy Up Apparel - Do you know any women who don't like looking nice? With that in mind, think about buying your wife more western clothes. It's probably a fact that she already has great jeans, but she will more than likely love a brand new pair. To go with the new jeans you buy your wife for her present, consider also getting her a western-style vest that has fringe around the bottom. 

Would your wife love something super different that still says it is cowboy up apparel? If so, consider buying her a pioneer-style dress that she can wear to church on Sundays and for times she has lunch with her friends. Give it more of a western-cowboy or cowgirl look by selecting boots to go with it. If you choose boots that have fringe on the top, they'll look great with the fringed vest you might buy.

Plan A Memorable Day - Think of what your wife would love to do on the special occasion. Do you have kids? If so, and if they're old enough to help, get them to help you pack a picnic basket. Then head to the countryside where you can all have fun and relax together.

Maybe you don't have children yet, or maybe they're away from home. If that's the case, think of fun things the two of you can do together or give her the promise of something you will do together in the future. For example, if there will be a rodeo in your area, give her a rodeo gift card that you make yourself. Besides the promise of going to attractions at the rodeo, include the promise of her getting to shop for some more cowboy clothes.