Are You A Needlepoint Aficionado?

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Are You A Needlepoint Aficionado?

14 October 2018
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Do you simply love to work on needlepoint projects? Is your Christmas tree going to be decorated with all of the gorgeous needlepoint ornaments you have created over the years? Your friends and family members have more than likely been the recipients of some of your own creations and they probably treasure them. After all, don't you agree that items that have been needlepointed by hand will someday be family heirlooms? If you are looking for a different kind of needlepoint project to work on for presents to give this Christmas, from needlepoint keychains to needlepoint belts, here are some ideas that might help you.

Needlepoint Keychains - A great project to work on for small gifts might be needlepoint keychains. These might serve as good stocking stuffers or as thinking-of-you-gifts when you want to just give something small. Even if a needlepoint keychain might seem like a small gift to an expert like you, those who receive them will more than likely realize that real time went into their gift from you. That needlepoint keychain might turn out to be a favorite gift for each of the people who receive one that you make. Think of needlepointing the recipient's name on the keychain. Or, go with things that your friends and family members love. For example, if you have a dog lover on your Christmas list, think of needlepointing a Scottie dog design on the keychain. Needlepoint keychains will be a perfect gift for people who drive or even for kids who have their own house keys. 

Needlepoint Belts - If you want to give a larger needlepointed gift, consider needlepointing belts. Again, the recipient's name or monogram might be a good choice for the belt design. However, like the keychains, you could also needlepoint depictions of the recipient's favorite things. For instance, if you have somebody on your Christmas list who loves to sail, a sailboat design for the needlepoint keychain would more than likely be very well received. Something like needlepointed polka dots as the belt's design would be a fun project to work on, wouldn't it? Or, consider a needlepoint design in a chevron pattern or a paisley pattern. For an extra special gift, consider giving both a needlepoint keychain and a needlepoint belt that match each other or that at least complement each other. 

Whether you're working on needlepoint keychains or on needlepoint belts, or whether you're working on both, consider doing your own designs. If you do so, be sure to include a little card that indicates the gift was created from start to finish by you.