Essential Gear For Summer Cross Country Running

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Essential Gear For Summer Cross Country Running

8 May 2018
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Summer is a great time to get out there and do some really outdoor exercise. If you are someone who does not like to run around in the gym because you prefer the fresh air and the scenery of the outdoors, then you are probably very excited about getting out there and hitting the trails. Running cross country is a great way to get some excellent cardio and can be an amazing way to get rid of the stir-crazy feeling that many people have when they spend hours locked up in a gym. There is very little variation when it comes to running in a gym. But on the cross-country trails in your local park, there is a huge variety of things to see. However, you do need to be prepared for some elements that accompany outside exercise.

Proper Sneakers For Trail Running

The first thing you need to get is a good pair of trail running sneakers. You don't want to use regular running shoes if you are going to be running the hills and doing cross country work. Regular sneakers do not have the exact same grip that you will find in trail running sneakers. What you want is something that has the grip that will allow you to run on the dirt trails and not have to worry about slipping. This is the main concern. Another factor that you want to include in your search for proper trail running sneakers is one that has a waterproof feature. This is because, unlike the gym where you might run, the trails might be filled with mud. So it's something to be aware of.

Performance Long Sleeve Shirts

Remember that just because you're outside in warm weather, you don't want to worry about sunburns. A long sleeve performance shirt is what you should look for. These are going to wick the sweat away from your body, which will keep you dry, and they will also prevent against sunburn. The material should be something other than cotton, which will hold moisture. You need to get a performance shirt that is made of a material that will wick the moisture away, dry quickly, and prevent a sunburn. These long sleeve shirts are super light and an absolutely essential item for your outdoor running adventures this summer.

A Hat

Even if you're someone who is not a big fan of running with a baseball cap, consider trying it. If you're running in the summer, especially during the part of the day when the sun is at its highest, then you need to be aware that it can really hot out, and the sun beats down on your head. This can lead to headaches or faster than normal fatigue, so get a cap and try it out.

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