Wedding Attire For A Same-Sex Couple

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Wedding Attire For A Same-Sex Couple

25 October 2016
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Same-sex couples planning a wedding can incorporate tradition into their wedding, adapt it to their needs, or reject it completely. This is certainly true for wedding attire for same sex couples. Read on for some ideas of what to wear on the big day.

Male Couples

Men getting married have a lot more options than the traditional black tux. Wedding attire should reflect the formality of the occasion. For a very formal wedding, the traditional black tux is appropriate. Some couples choose to wear matching suits with complementary ties, ascots, or bow ties. For a garden wedding during a summer day, matching linen suits are beautiful, as are matching pants and vests with matching or complementary ties. For a casual beach wedding or destination wedding, linen shorts and short-sleeved button-down shirts or button-down shirts with rolled sleeves are perfect. There also is no rule that anything has to match. Men should feel free to whatever makes them feel comfortable and reflects their personality and the wedding tone.

Female Couples

When it comes to fashion, women get to have all the fun, and that's certainly true when it comes to weddings. Female couples can wear anything from formal white ball gowns to masculine suits or any combination of attire that makes the couple feel comfortable. The only rule is to make sure that the attire is complementary in formality. For example, a formal gown won't complement a casual sundress, but two tea-length dresses complement each other beautifully. Couples that want to honor the tradition that their mate doesn't get to see the dress until the wedding day can enlist the help of a wedding coordinator or dress shop owner to make sure the dresses complement each other.

For brides who feel more comfortable in a suit, there are plenty of options. Women's black tuxedo jackets or ivory suits can be tailored to look feminine, with a nipped-in waist or pants that hug curves. Women who are more comfortable in clean lines that read a bit more masculine also have plenty of options. Wedding suits can be tailored to fit any style and any body, and can be made in a variety of colors, from traditional black, ivory, and white, to a bright color that matches the wedding colors. Women unable to find local tailors who can design a suit or tuxedo can find an appropriate tailor online. Some smaller markets don't always have the options brides seek.