Retro Rock Birthday Gifts: Four Ideas To Surprise Your Favorite Music Fan

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Retro Rock Birthday Gifts: Four Ideas To Surprise Your Favorite Music Fan

11 August 2016
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Everyone has a favorite song or band, but for some people music is more than entertainment. There are those music fans that have a love for a band or a certain era of music that encompasses their lives. It is sometimes challenging to find the perfect gift for someone with such a devotion to one thing. After all, they probably already have the posters, old albums, cassettes, or CDs and have updated their MP3 with their favorites as well. Instead of giving them a copy of something they already have, there are some gifts that they may have never thought about or do not have the time or money to purchase for themselves. Here are a few ideas to help inspire gift buyers when shopping for a special item for a rock-loving friend.

Buy Some Shirts 

Vintage tie dye and rock t-shirts are always a popular item. People can make the gift a little more exciting rather than just handing them a t-shirt. Use several tie dyed shirts to make a decorative quilt and throw pillows or sew some curtains from them. Vintage rock concert tees are popular too, and it is possible to find both the original shirts and reproductions. Consider finding a shirt from their favorite band or singer and pair it with vintage tickets to the concert the shirt would have been sold at. Online auctions sites and memorabilia retailers frequently have both available and the prices are often very reasonable. Have the shirt and tickets professionally framed together for an interesting art piece. For more information, contact local professionals like ByKiy.

Hire a Band

Most people do not have $400,000 in extra cash sitting around to make it possible to hire Pearl Jam to play at a birthday party. Of course, if you do, they are available. There are other options for the other 99 percent of the population. Hiring a cover band may not be as exciting as the real thing, but many of them are very dedicated fans themselves. There is the option of choosing a band that covers the work of only one other classic group or that plays covers of music from a certain genre and era. Tribute bands that cover only one group are true to the music, have lead singers that sound as close to the real thing as possible, and often look similar to the stars they are honoring. Many local areas have their own bands, but there are agencies around the country that book shows for a variety of different groups. 

Purchase Some Memorabilia

There are plenty of auction houses that specialize in memorabilia related to Hollywood actors and music stars. The items they auction range from the mundane to the bizarre. For example, Snoop Dog once auctioned off his own shed and donated the money to charity, and a lock of John Lennon's hair recently sold for $35,000. Auction houses provide accurate documentation, but their prices are often high. Online auctions offer a great variety of affordable items, but it is important to check out the seller and whether or not they can verify what they are selling is genuine. 

Take a Trip

Consider joining them for a rock star themed trip. The Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a popular destination, but there are more locations to consider. Visit the Ed Sullivan theater in New York where many artists were introduced to the country or go to Paris and visit the grave of the Door's Jim Morrison. Eagles fans will love a trip to the Hotel California in Beverly Hills or take a Beatles fan to see Strawberry Field in Liverpool and then head off to Abbey Road in London to take a photo at the crosswalk they made famous.  

With a little effort and a modest investment, it is possible to make any birthday memorable. Budget constraints may make it impossible to do what might please them the most, but most people would not complain to open a box that contained a guitar pick from their favorite rocker or a concert t-shirt that looks just like one they owned 30 years ago. There are a number of ways to personalize any of these ideas to match the person. Think creatively and shop around. Most people would be surprised at what is available today.