So You Want To Try Yoga? Clothing And Equipment You Will Need

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So You Want To Try Yoga? Clothing And Equipment You Will Need

24 July 2016
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When you decide that the time has come to give yoga a try as a part of your exercise program or even as a tool for healing and relaxation, you may be wondering what you should do beforehand to prepare yourself. Having the right clothing and equipment can make your life a lot easier when it comes to participating in a yoga class and enjoying yourself while doing so. Get to know some of these items that you can purchase ahead of time so that you have the best experience possible with your first yoga endeavors.

Form-Fitting Yoga Leggings

Yoga requires comfortable clothing, but also clothing that can move with your body and that will not impede it when you are performing exercises and poses. As such, the pants you wear should be form-fitting yoga leggings. These are leggings made with stretch nylon and spandex that fit to your body without being uncomfortable or restrictive.

Form-fitting yoga leggings are preferable to yoga pants designed more for street wear than actual yoga exercise (like those with boot cut or flare legs). You do not want to be fumbling to adjust your clothing when also trying to attain and hold a balance pose. Contact a company like PRJON for more information

A Comfortable Yoga Mat

Most people who participate in yoga classes or one-on-one instruction (or even home practice) have their own yoga mat that best suits them. Having your own yoga mat is more sanitary than using mats that may be provided in class.

Getting a yoga mat also means that you can choose one that is the right length for you as well as the right amount of thickness or cushioning. The thicker the yoga mat, the softer it is and the less impact it will have on your joints. However, a yoga mat that is too thick can cause you trouble when connecting to the floor when you are in balance poses.

There are also different materials that yoga mats can be made from, including the standard vinyl, as well as cotton or recycled rubber. You want your yoga mat to be comfortable in both standing, seated, and laying positions and it should be somewhat sticky so that you do not slip and slide around as you try to hold poses. Remember that you want to find the yoga mat best suited to you, and that may not necessarily be the same type as another student in the class or even your instructor. Test the yoga mats out to see how they feel so you can be sure you are comfortable.

Now that you know a few of the items that you should purchase for your first foray into yoga, you can get shopping as soon as possible.