Say Congrats To Your Newly Employed Teen With These Gift Ideas

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Say Congrats To Your Newly Employed Teen With These Gift Ideas

22 February 2016
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If you're like most parents, you are proud of your teen for taking the initiative to start working and learning some financial responsibility. A great way to show your pride and congratulate your teen on their new job is to present them with a small gift to commemorate the occasions. Consider one or more of the following gift ideas:

An Online Clothing Gift Card

Whether your teen will be working in a restaurant, a health clinic, a pet facility, or even as a landscaper, chances are that they will need some work clothes to use specifically for their job. To ensure that they have access to the clothing they'll need, give them a gift card to buy things like work pants, shoes, and accessories. Choose a card that can be used online so they have a large pool of options to choose from. They should be able to find the particular materials, styles, and colors that fit their needs or those of their new employers.

Transportation Assistance

If your teen does not already have a vehicle of their own, they'll need reliable transportation to ensure that they can get to work on time even if you or others in the household are too busy to give them a ride. Consider buying them a new bike with street tires and at least six gears for easy maneuvering even in bad weather. Alternatively, you can provide your teen with a bus pass that will get them to and from work for the first few months while they save money for their own car or other transportation methods. Creating a few ride coupons your teen can use when they want a ride from you will offer them some transportation flexibility yet ensure that you don't end up having to commit to functioning as a daily taxi service.

A Bank Account

A great way to encourage your teen to save some of the money they make at their new job is to start a savings account for them and then offer to match 50 percent of what they're able to save on a monthly basis for a year or so. This is a great way to teach your teen how important it is to save, and how easy it is to get the things they want in life if they're willing to work, save, and wait for it. By matching some of their savings for the first few months of their employment, they'll be able to get a head start on saving for the big things in life – like a car.

Gifts, like those allowing them to buy work pants for sale online, are sure to get your teen excited about their work, and help ensure that they feel good about their commitments as time goes on.