Using Non-Medicinal Methods To Combat Insomnia

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Using Non-Medicinal Methods To Combat Insomnia

10 December 2015
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According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 48% of Americans suffer from occasional insomnia, while about 22% of the population has trouble falling asleep almost every night. If you are one of these people, you most likely wish to avoid this situation without the use of medication if possible.  Here are some non-medicinal ways to help guide you into a restful slumber.

Stick To A Consistent Schedule

Waking at the same time each day is a good start in encouraging rest at night. Your body will get accustomed to this wake up time and will adjust in a way where you will become tired around the same time each night. Tweak your waking or bedtime accordingly so you do not lie down before your body is ready, making you toss and turn while waiting for sleep to occur. You may want to wake a bit earlier if you wish to become tired earlier. 

Do A Nighttime Ritual

It is best to incorporate a nighttime ritual into your routine to help make you tired. Doing the same activities each night will help your body wind down for a restful night's sleep. Start with some light exercise or stretching to tire your body. Take a warm bath to relax. Perhaps have a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea to promote restfulness as well. When you go to your room to sleep, do not watch television as this can make you stay awake. Read a chapter of a boring book instead.

Wear The Right Apparel

The clothing you wear to bed can make a huge impact on how you sleep. Wearing clothes that are non-restrictive will be comfortable. Breathable cotton clothing will help keep you cool as you lie down to rest. Your sheets should also be of a soft fabric to help you rest.

Try Some Sleeping Accessories

Wearing an eye mask can be a great way to get sleep if you need to rest during daytime hours due to your job or other responsibilities. This will make the room appear dark, blocking sunlight from getting into the eyes as you rest. Earplugs can help you rest if others in the household do not go to bed at the same time as you do. Use light-blocking curtains to make your room darker as well. Consider using an appliance that makes white noise such as a fan or dehumidifier. There are also sound therapy appliances you can purchase that emit peaceful sounds that may help you slumber. Click here for more info.