Work Boots: The Right Shoe For The Job

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Work Boots: The Right Shoe For The Job

3 September 2015
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Working on your feet all day can have serious implications for your legs and back. The shoes you wear while working can also have an impact on your safety. Choosing the right pair of work boots is essential to ensuring that you stay safe and comfortable while on the job. Read on to learn more about what you should look for when finding the correct work boot for your needs.

Safety First

When selecting a work boot, safety features are of the utmost importance. A good sole with a firm grip will prevent slips and falls whether you're working in snow and ice or in a warehouse where liquids may be found on the floor. Steel toes are almost always a necessity, particular for jobs where OSHA rules apply. The steel toe inserts will prevent injury to your feet if something is dropped on them. Extra metatarsal guards are recommended as well, to protect the upper portions of the feet.

Comfort Is Essential

Most people who wear work boots are doing a lot of walking and standing on their feet all day. When you're shopping for new boots, make sure they have excellent arch support. This will help keep your feet straight and supported throughout the day. It can also prevent back injuries and back pain. Select a pair of boots that have extra padding, which will make your feet more comfortable as well. Try on several pairs wearing the socks you'd normally wear to work so you can get an idea of how they will feel. When you wear your work boots, make sure they are laced all the way up and are laced tightly. This will add an extra level of support to your feet and ankles.

Caring for Your Boots

Since most work boots can be more expensive than other types of shoes, it's important that you care for them properly so they last a long time. Spray waterproof protection spray on the exterior of your boots to help keep the material from getting wet and damaged. This spray should be re-applied every two months or so in order to stay effective. When you're done working for the day, let your work boots "air out" to help reduce odor. Try to only wear them when you're working to avoid excess wear and tear. If you purchase leather work boots, treat them with a special oil that is designed to help lengthen the life of the leather. 

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