Testicles Hurting? Signs That It Is Testicular Cancer And Ways To Feel Comfortable During Treatment

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Testicles Hurting? Signs That It Is Testicular Cancer And Ways To Feel Comfortable During Treatment

22 December 2017
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If your testicles are hurting, you need to see your doctor immediately. This is because the problem could be very serious, and getting treatment early could save your life. One thing that can cause pain is testicular cancer. Below is some information about this type of cancer so you can better understand what the doctor tells you. You will also find information about at what you can do to make yourself feel better until you get the treatment you need.

Testicular Cancer Signs

Besides feeling pain in your testicles, you will have a small lump on one or both testicles. In the beginning this lump is very small, but it grows larger over time. You may also feel pain in your groin area, as well as have lower back pain, bloody phlegm, and pain in your chest.

Because the lump is very small in the beginning, you should examine your testicles on your own every week or every month. Simply do this by feeling the testicles with your hands, making sure you feel everywhere. You should also feel your scrotum as you may feel pain here if you press on it.

Testicular Cancer Treatment

How you are treated for testicular cancer depends on the stage you are in. If the doctor finds the cancer is only in your testicles, they will choose to watch you closely for the next few years to make sure the cancer does not spread. This will include CT scans every few months. You will also receive chemo or radiation treatment for a few weeks in the beginning.

If the doctor finds the cancer has invaded other areas, they will give you much stronger radiation or chemotherapy. You will also receive this therapy more often, such as a few times per week, in the beginning.

For some types of testicular cancer, the doctor will choose to remove the testicle, along with the tumor. After the surgery you may need to have chemo or radiation therapy.

Support Clothing

There is testicular support clothing that you can wear while you are having treatment and until you feel better. You will also hear this type of support referred to as scrotal support briefs. They are generally one-size-fits-all, so unless you are very small or very large, they should fit you fine. If you do not think the briefs will fit you, contact a company that makes this type of support clothing—such as QNS Scrotal Support—to see if they can custom make some support briefs for you.

This type of clothing will keep your testicles and scrotum lifted and secured. People will not know that you are wearing the briefs, and you can wash them along with your other clothing.

You can find this type of support clothing online or in stores that sell medical clothing. Ask your doctor if you are having a hard time finding this.

Your doctor can go over this information with you in much more detail.