Tips to Make Back-to-School Shopping with Your Daughter a Breeze

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Tips to Make Back-to-School Shopping with Your Daughter a Breeze

31 August 2016
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Clothes shopping with your daughter can be a bonding experience, but depending on your child's age, it can also be a point of contention. Make the most of this exciting time and help your child return to school in style.

Some ways to make back-to-school shopping a pleasant experience are included below.

Buy what you can online. You can save a lot of time and frustration with online shopping, and this can really make school shopping a pleasant, easy experience. Sit with your daughter and check out what styles and options are available from retail sites and online girls' clothing boutiques before you hit the stores. You may find that your money goes further when you are shopping online!

Take a step back. It can be tough to not express your honest opinions about items that you may find trashy or unflattering, but take a step back and reflect on your own teen years. Did your mother approve of your clothing choices? Words can hurt, and many young girls are sensitive to criticism; take a step back and don't offer opinions that may seem harsh unless they are solicited.

Let your daughter be herself. Even if you are not crazy about the way your daughter dresses, let your child choose their own styles, within reason. Don't project your own tastes and preferences onto your daughter; try to let her assert her own sense of style and personality.

Stick to a budget. Set a budget for your shopping trip. This will encourage your child to make choices and sacrifice some items in lieu of others. This is a great learning experience and will also help to teach children the value of money.

Don't sweat it. If you don't agree with your daughter's choices, don't worry about it too much. Letting you daughter make her own choices leaves her with the consequence of having to wear what she selected. Love it or hate it, it is not a big deal; it is not worth a power struggle.

End on a high note. Cap off your day of shopping with something special, like a meal or a movie. Do something that you both can enjoy, and relax after a long day. This can go a long way toward dissolving any conflict or disagreements that may occur due to shopping stress.

Make back-to-school shopping an experience that both you and your daughter look back on fondly. Find great deals and avoid traffic by shopping online, which may also give your child the chance to consider their choices and avoid impulse buys. Use these tips to curb conflict and have an enjoyable time perusing options and purchasing clothing with your daughter!